Ultimate Knockout starts on November 3rd

Ahead of Godzilla Day and the popular Godzilla Festival in Japan, Mediatonic y Toho Co., Ltd. impulses fans to celebrate the king of monsters with the most beloved kaiju reaching out to players from all over the world. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

From November 3 and only for a limited period, fans will have the opportunity to wear a flaming Godzilla skin for 10 kroner. With the typical features of Godzilla, such as the three layers of outer layers, the character adapts to the Fall Guys world in different colors, depending on what is more practical in the game. Fall Guys is now available for PlayStation 4 and PC on Steam.

Rabioso successful, with millions of copies sold, Fall Guys is an online multiplayer title that launches hordes of contestants to survive, round after round, in an insane race, each time more realistic, which will result in only one winner, the last ever a foot. The crossover with Godzilla comes just after the end of the second season, which introduces new games, games and medieval themed features.

“We’re excited to partner with Mediatonic on this Godzilla show. Just two months after launch and featuring millions of players from around the world, Fall Guys is thrilling for Godzilla fans,” said Lora Cohn, CEO of Toho International, Inc. “Now players will be able to celebrate Godzilla Day in a unique way, put on Godzilla’s costume and give a lot of pisotons on the way to victory!”

“There are many parallels between the powerful Godzilla and any Fall Guy: both are furiously competitive, playing on an international stage that arrives a lot, always coming back after being derailed, and in keeping with the busy news that reaches our social network, it’s both much higher than we could have imagined, ”says Jeff Tanton, Mediatonics Creative Vice President.

“We are deeply honored and honored to share this scene with the greatest of the kaijus. And if anyone still wants to get a crown with this disfraz, even if it sounds primitive and a little scientific, we recommend asking for help from Infant Lake priests. That’s when they can intervene.

On November 3, 1954, the great Japanese creation appeared in the production of Toho titled Godzilla, a film classic of monsters considered a masterpiece. The date is officially Godzilla’s birthday, which is celebrated every year in Japan with the Godzilla Festival. In 2019, the event gathered more than 20,000 visitors, and in this edition, which will take place in a virtual way, more and more fans are expected.

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