Ubisoft Sierra Might & Magic Showdown and Finales de Julio

The Might & Magic Showdown a Might & Magic shutdown

Ubisoft lo ha visto claro y ha comunicado en su página de Steam que su game de strategy en tiempo real Might & Magic Showdown based on the IP of Might & Magic closes its doors on July 31, 2017.

After the release on January 19th and after 6 months, the period of early access and server support will end. As a result, the game will be unavailable.

We want to demonstrate our sincere gratitude to ustedes, nuestros jugadores dedicatos, que nos ayudaron and naverag la gestioni de la campaña Early Access. Gracias a ustedes, aprendimos mucho acerca de como servirles y esperamos llevar estos aprendizajes and futuros proyectos de Ubisoft.Ubisoft

Manner immediately, Might & Magic Showdown se has eliminated de la tienda de Steam for prevenir cualquier compra de la license en Acceso Anticipado. Si fuistes uno de los que apoyaron el proyecto, seguirá estando en tu Librería de Steam, but Server support ends on July 31, 2017 y el juego quedará useless. Ubisoft will only offer full refunds to players who want their money back until July 31st.

The project from the beginning was not accepted by force and the number of players was really painful, reaching a peak of 78 players on the day of launch, and then that number was decreasing until it reached a few.

Might & Magic Showdown

Might & Magic Showdown proposes an innovative PvP game, tactical experience set in the rich medieval universe of Might & Magic. Players will put their tactical skills to the test on the battlefield, combining a mix of anticipatory planning and real-time execution.

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