Ubisoft opens an Insider program for Skull & Bones

Ubisoft has opened its Insider program for its now long overdue pirate game Skull & Bones.

The Insider Program allows select users to try out the game on an early build to offer Ubisoft impressions and opinions.

Only those who “are more dedicated to the text of the current versions of our game” will be selected, but anyone can enter this link.

Ideal candidates, according to Ubisoft, are “Skull and Bones fans interested in video game development, with plenty of time to devote to researching and reporting issues, bugs, and feedback.”

Last month, Ubisoft said it was “very satisfying” with the flow of the game. We understand that its launch in the Insider program means that the launch date is approaching.

Skull & Bones originally launched at E3 2017, but has been in development limbo ever since.

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