ubicaciones de cultivation de ascensión materiale, subida de nivel y talento August 20, 2022

vamos a ver cual Materials Genshin Impact Dori necesitaremos que esté ready for the launch of Genshin Impact 3.0. The new and abundant region of Sumeru is almost here, and with it they will bring vital materials for the new characters. Acquire the materials available beforehand (and use your resin to get books EXP).

Entering the second half of the 3.0 update, Dori will be available in Ganyu and Sangonomiya Kokomi repeat banners as 4 stars with improved drop cups. She is the first user of Claymore and Electro, and will definitely make a big impact as a DPS or support character in the field.

While we wait for the next update, check out our Genshin Impact Tier List and Genshin Impact Codes page to help you get the gifts you need to prepare these first tier characters. This is also what comes in Sumeru and what we could see in the release of Genshin Impact 3.1 a little more than a month after this.

¿Qué materiales necesito para subir de nivel a Dori?

Todos sabemos cómo subir de nivel a nuestros new personajes de Genshin Impact, but por si caso, aquí hay un nuevo reminderatorio. Travesar el mundo gives large amounts of XP, which is the material like Hero’s Wit son esenciales. In addition to that, you need a large amount of Mora to allow Dori to level up.

ascent materials

Además de los Materials XP no especificos y Mora, Dori will have some specific requirements to reach level 80 and better.

Ascension level


20 1 Vajrada Amethyst Sliver, 3 Kalpalata, 3 Faded Red Satin
40 3 Fragmento de amatista Vajrada, 10 Kalpalata, 15 Satén rojo desteñido, 2 Núcleo de fruta trueno
50 6 Fragment of amethyst Vajrada, 20 Kalpalata, 12 Seda roja recortada, 4 Núcleo de fruta trueno
60 3 Trozo de amatista Vajrada, 30 Kalpalata, 18 Seda roja recortada, 8 Núcleo de fruta trueno
70 6 Trozo de amatista Vajrada, 45 Kalpalata, 12 Brocado rojo intenso, 12 Núcleo de fruta trueno
80 6 Piedra preciosa amatista Vajrada, 60 Kalpalata, 24 Brocado rojo intenso, 20 Núcleo de fruta trueno

In terms of totals, this is the amount of each article we see:

  • Amethyst Vajrada – 1
  • Vajrada Amethyst Fragment – ​​9
  • Amethyst piece Vajrada – 9
  • Piedra preciosa de amatista Vajrada – 6
  • Thunderclap Fruitcore – 46
  • Kalpalata – 186
  • Satin rojo desteñido – 18
  • Seda roja recortada – 30
  • Brocado rojo intenso – 36
  • 2,092,400 Mora

As with Collei and Tighnari, some of the materials that Dori requires are specific to the new region of Sumeru, so unfortunately we cannot fully prepare them.

What are the materials in Doris Talent?


Required quantity

Rama de blood jade 18
Satin rojo desteñido, seda roja ribeteada, brocado rojo intenso 18, 66, 93
Mora 4,957,500

Each Genshin character has his own set of talents that will enhance his attacks and abilities. Estos talents se pueden subir de nivel. It is highly recommended so you can mount a big attack.

You need three crowns of insight to level the talents to 10, and currently there are some pills of Sumeru Talent whose name is specific to the new area. We’ll update here when we know more about what they could be called.

Material cultivation sites

Aquí es donde encontrar the most specific elements needed to update Dori:

Amethyst Vajrada

You’ll find them in the battles between the bosses of Electro Hypostases, Raiden Shogun and Thunder Manifestation. The higher the level in the world, the greater the level of items the character will obtain.

Las astillas se pueden comprar in Mondstadt Souvenir Shop and Mingxin Jewelry Shop. Sin embargo, estos no se actualizan, por lo que si ya los ha usado antes, no tiene suerte.


Encontrado en el paisaje de Sumeru, Lotus kalpalata se puede comprar en la tienda Aramani. Each flower costs 1000 moras. In total, the seller has 5 plants, the stock is replenished daily.

Trueno Fruitcore

Items currently have similar names to Rimfrost Cores and Everflame Seeds

Rama de blood jade

Esta es una caída de jefe semanal de Azhdaha.

Satin rojo desteñido, seda roja ribeteada and brocado rojo intenso

These are three new items that come with the region of Sumeru, and they are all dropped by different levels of enemies of the Hermit that we will encounter. The items will reportedly also be sold through the Stardust Exchange.

crowns of insight

The crowns are used to improve combat talents from level 9 to level 10. You can get some to improve the Frostbearing Tree, Sacred Sakura, and Lumenstone Assistant, but they are often included in event rewards as well.

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