Two Souls and Heavy Rain comes on PC for the Epic Store

Quantum dream announced it Beyond two souls, Detroit: Become Human y Heavy rain it will launch on PC in the summer and fall, giving up PlayStation exclusivity.

Epic Games Store has added several important exclusive products to its catalog

“We are very grateful for the 12 amazing years of collaboration with Sony Interactive Entertainment and all that has allowed us to create and produce. With this new partnership with Epic, we can now expand our products to a wider fan base and allow PC players to enjoy our titles, ”said Guillaume de Fondaumiere, co-CEO of Quantic Dream.

The three announced titles will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store for one year, and the launch dates are as follows;

Beyond two souls

A unique psychological action thriller about the actions of Hollywood stars Ellen PAGE and Willem DAFOE. In Beyond: Two Souls you will embark on an exciting journey through the world of Jodie Holmes.
Jodie is different, who since her birth has a window with a mysterious unity of incredible powers.
Your actions will determine Jodie’s fate as she faces extraordinary setbacks and dangers, as well as devastating losses, in an adventure to discover her true identity.

Beyond: Two Souls will be launched on PC soon July 27th at a price of 19.90 euros.

Detroit: Become Human

Detroit, 2038. Technology has evolved to the point that there are androids that look like humans all over the planet. Speaking of which, they can and do behave like humans, but they are nothing more than machines at their service.

Play with three different androids and observe a world on the brink of chaos – even before our future – through their eyes. Your decisions will drastically change the course of the history of fear with its characteristic consequences.

You will be faced with moral dilemmas to determine who is alive and who is dying. With thousands of options and dozens of distinct endings, how will you shape the future of Detroit and the fate of humanity?

Detroit: Become Human coming in the fall (we update this when the specific date passes) at a price of 39.90 euros.

Heavy rain

Play with four different characters in this stressful psychic thriller. Think carefully about your next move so that any decision can have dramatic results.
There will be four days of mystery and suspense as they try to hunt down the infamous “Sassin of Origami”, so-called, because his business card consists of leaving a paper figure at the crime scene.

Each of the four characters will follow their trail for different reasons. Guíalos and avoid the assassination attempt to cover another victim. The design of the story depends entirely on you …

Heavy Rain is launched on PC June 27 for 19.90 euros.

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