Turtle Rock Studios presents the first expansion of Back 4 Blood

Warner Bros. and Turtle Rock Studios have unveiled the new launch trailer for the first expansion of Back 4 Blood. Tunnels of Terror includes two new playable cleansers, new enemies, new weapons and more when the DLC launches on April 12th.

The two new cleaning assistants joining Back 4 Blood in this new expansion are Sharice and Heng, who stand out in body-to-body battles. According to a press release, Sharice is a firefighter who possesses a hachha with a large defensive weapon, while Heng can face the infected Ridden with nothing but a knife, though players will still get weapons.

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Expansion of 4 channels with terrorist blood

Ridden Hives will be where most Back 4 Blood players will spend their time and money. This new PvE mode features a team of four people exploring seven tunnels full of Ridden full of enemies to escape or cut.

When we talk about enemies, a new series of undead enemies will be received by the players in the tunnels. Urchins install earth mines, Shredders can create confrontations with their temptations and The Shredders have a huge arm that can cause a large amount of damage.

Unfortunately, the new dangers also mean more rewards to earn, now that the Tunnels of Terror expansion has seven new legendary weapons, eight masks of exclusive characters, 12 new weapon masks, new maps and more. In addition to all the paid content, a free update will add the No Hope difficulty level to those who want an even bigger challenge.

Back 4 Blood – Expansion 1: Tunnels of Terror launches April 12 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC. Players can access the Tunnels of Terror for themselves, through the annual card or through the Ultimate and Deluxe Editions of Back 4 Blood.

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