Tsui Tami “Dragon Ball T-shirts were sold overseas! But…” → Something is mistaken wwwwww

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Bordon Golas Gothazi T-shirt Germany Overseas Image related to Dragon Ball-02

It’s gotaji! cool!

Isn’t that Gotage from Boldon Golas, huh?

Somehow I really feel the bobobo nori

It’s Gotaj from Boldon Golas
In the final scene, if you give your thumbs up and sink into the blast furnace, I cry each time.

I like how the title turns into a meaningless anagram like a cheat bug video

The battle scene between Gotaj VS Burilo within the 2018 film model Boldon Golas BUN was actually wonderful.

Gothazi’s mouth is cool and grass

Heh, Dragon Ball known as Boldon Golas abroad.
I knew it for the primary time!
Yaruo PC front smile

What the heck
What the hell is Boldon Golas wwwww
Yaruo blows out Boo!

I ponder if it is actually a mistake or if it is only a copycat lol
Husband who doesn't do Guess face Counter

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