Trump will target Spain if he finally implements “Google Cup”

The PSOE government has spent several months introducing new taxes on digital services and financial transactions, better known as Google rating y Tobin’s head as Spainhoping to get something more than 2,000 million euros. President Trump says he will react with “a lot of harshness” to the European countries (France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and Austria) that insist on applying this fiscal pressure. The President of the United States believes this «discriminatory sanctions against US companies«.

Spain will lose 1,200 million if “Google Tasa” is used

This week will be celebrated cumbre of G20, specifically on 28 and 29 June in the Japanese city of Osaka, which will present Spain, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, among others, and where these measures are expected to be approved. In concrete is Tasa Google allows you to raise 1,200 million euros and will only register those companies that have at least an average annual turnover 750 million euros worldwidewith some revenue on 3 million euros in Spain.

In short, this tax seeks to oblige large technology companies to pay 3% of digital revenue including sale of online advertising, the sale of user data, and the digital communication between them. The most well-known companies affected will be Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon.

The big technology companies do not hedge all the taxes they pay in Spain


The reason for all this is simple; through what is called “fiscal engineering”, the big companies sell the services to other companies themselves and avoid pay all the taxes you owe in Spain. Most places in these large companies are in Ireland, as is the case with Google or even Apple. Thanks to an agreement with the country, pagan taxes are very low for all the activities generated in the EU, with a variety of technological fiscal paradise.

In recent days, the US Embassy in Spain reports a statement by the Treasury Secretary and Chief Economist of the Donald Trump administration, in which he states: about a unilateral gross tax and direct tax on our technology and Internet companies. The tribute stone must be based on profit, not sales, and must not be separated in a specific sector so that it is taxed according to a certain standard ”. Consequently: “We urge our partners not to adopt unilateral measures in this matter«.

In addition, the President of the US Chamber of Commerce in Spain, Jaime Malet, it came to Pedro Sánchez, on behalf of the multinational companies from the United States that joined his organization, that such an initiative could lead to a freeze on investment in Spain y measures to repay the new tax to the customer.

Sing to the threats, Sánchez continues to step down to implement this new tax having regard to what we have already explained above, ‘This would not be necessary if the big technology companies paid all the taxes they would pay in Spain«.


So far, we can only wait to see how all this develops, but looking at what has happened to Huawei, it is not surprising that the 1,200 million who are trying to silence the PSOE will be able to leave us a whole lot longer. Who knows Gmail payment or any of these. And what do you think?

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