Truck Driver, Monster Crown and Kaze and the Wild Masks play from June 16-22

The girls of SOEDESCO send us a message informing us that they will help Steam Game Festival, which is celebrated this June. That means we care opportunity to play Truck Driver, Monster Crown and Kaze and the Wild Masks before its launch.

This will show SOEDESCO during the Steam Game Festival

Drive a truck and live the experience Truck driverdomar monstruos oscuros en Monster crown or revive the nostalgia of the platform games of the 90s Kaze and the wild masks: there is variety for every taste.

Truck driver

The launch of Truck driver for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were all a success, the survey tells us. The demo version for PC allows the player to transport various loads and meet Charlie Dover, the fisherman.

Kaze and the wild masks

Kaze and the wild masks is loaded to revive the nostalgia of those players who enjoyed classic platform games like Donkey Kong Country 2 and Super Mario World. The demonstration is a first world through which players can travel and discover its intuitive techniques and ionic tricks. These demonstrations are the perfect way to get acquainted with these games before they are released.

Respect a Monster crown, the game that best suits our tastes, SOEDESCO has released a new gameplay trailer. You will also be able to play the game during Steam Game Festivalfrom 16 to 22 June.

Another strange fact is that Studio Aurum started developing Monster Crown in 2016 and since then the game has had very good acceptance in the community. Since its inception, the Canadian developer has maintained a very active presence in the community and has seen the number of followers grow on Discord and Kickstarter. The trailer offers a new vision of this open world game where you will train monsters and create new species.

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