Troy Baker reflects on his entry into the NFT by the critics

Troy Baker, one of the world’s best-known voice actors in video games for his participation in The Last of Us, BioShock Infinite and Metal Gear Solid, among others, has abandoned his project to collaborate with a company that wants to create NFT at from voz.

In a statement posted to his Twitter account, Baker apologized for “accusing people of only listening to disagree with me.”

Two weeks ago, Troy Baker announced his collaboration with VoiceverseNFT, a company that uses software to create voice recordings using artificial intelligence.

“You can hear or create,” Baker wrote at the time. “What are you going to choose?”

The response from the network has not been absolutely positive. Critics have focused on the median environmental impact of NFTs or how this technology could negatively impact the work of voice actors.

Just days before Baker’s announcement, VoiceverseNFT had admitted to using the voice lines of another AI audio service to promote its own product.

“Thank you for the review and for your patience,” Baker said today. “After giving it a lot of thought, I have decided not to continue my collaboration with VoiceVerseNFT.

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