Trophy system arriving in season 3 of Vanguard

After several months with players requesting a trophy system in Vanguard multiplayer mode, Sledgehammer Games has met the demand for community delegation.

The trophy system is a basic element of Call of Duty that allows players to block grenades and incoming equipment so as not to cause large amounts of damage during matches. At least mark the difference when it comes to ensuring control over an occupied area on the map.

On April 21, Activision unveiled the complete route map for season 3, confirming the arrival of a field update of the trophy system, in addition to a range of guns and weapons brand new for use in multiplayer and zombies.

Vanguard trophy system

The arrival of a trophy system to Vanguard is very positive. If it does not reflect a realistic experience of World War II, it is likely that the ability to put an end to the constant life of grenades flying on the map will bring about a significant change in the central game.

Casual Vanguard is not the only part of the game that will benefit from a trophy system. There is a high probability that the field update will appear in the classified game and in the competition games, but some fear that the grenades can be used with a total of 16 split between eight players.

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How to unlock the Vanguard Trophy system

The recent content seasons after launch have included new equipment and benefits as part of the battlefield, meaning there is a high probability that the trophy system will be present as one of the 100 new content levels.

If so, simply go up to the specific level of Battle Pass and the field update will appear in the menus. If it’s not part of Battlefield, it’s likely to come as a new incorporation so it can be used right away.

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