Trion Worlds presents its RIFT Prime service to its MMORPGs

Rift will be charged with a new subscription server

Trion worlds has today announced a new way to experiment with MMORPGs, RIFT with RIFT Prime service that it is coming March 7. The main purpose behind the service is to offer players a playable alternative using one brand new server which presents one subscription model with the payment content unlocked. It will also include an exclusive cosmetics store without button boxes, which allows you to get current items based in the store through the game.

Players who subscribe to the new service know $ 29.99 will have access to a large amount of content, with dozens of updates found in the game and content available to them, only at the expense of their subscription. Explore the continents and expansions that have been created and launched throughout RIFT’s history.

In addition to these revisions, RIFT Prime will offer sequential progression through game content, including monthly hits and performance rewards.

RIFT Prime will be available in the spring and more details will be revealed soon, including subscription prices and launch date. In addition, there will be more ads and content for RIFT in the coming year.

You will find more information in the director’s letter to the community.

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