Trion Worlds cleans up employees involved in ArcheAge

According to MassivelyOP, 15 members of staff Trion worlds it was after the MMORPG project ArcheAge and in other shipments from the California company have been dispatched.

The alarms went off then Jessica Pate left this message on the social network Twitter yesterday. “So friends, Trion, there were some layoffs from the company, and that included me.” If anyone has a track record based on QA or CS, it would be appreciated. Of course, I’m also a 3D artist, but I’m currently working on my face portfolio in the future, so that’s what you want.

Trion worlds

Trion Worlds’ statements in this regard have been made; “We had to make the difficult decision to remove 15 positions in the entire company. We are extremely grateful to all those who have contributed and worked with Trion Worlds, and we will offer each of them the benefits of quick compensation and job placement. This is not related to the lack of individuals affected by Trion Worlds as a whole who were needed to enable us to develop the next projects that we have planned in the best possible way, ”said Scott Hartsman, CEO for Trion World.

But not everyone in the world shares this vision of the directive, as they see the gruesome launch of Defiance 2050 and the results it has accumulated in one of the company’s signature books, its MMORPG ArcheAge. The possibility of acquiring is also blocked Gazillionwho absorbed with the intention of reforming its advertising department.

Some of the employees have left Trion Worlds; the affiliated producer Seraphina Brennan y Jessica Pate with responsibility for Support / Environment. Also the leader of the ArcheAge community, Joe “Muzzy” Brognohas left the studio voluntarily to seek an opportunity elsewhere and take over Linda “Brasse” Carlson, a veteran of community management at Trion and SOE / Daybreak.

“Another chapter in my life takes me from Trion to a new adventure. I want to pursue one of my other passions, and if I succeed, I will have to learn to a large extent from being a community manager at ArcheAge,” announced Brogno on the official MMORPG forums.

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