Trinchera – Carretera Gran Marcha VS. Guardian “Carretera”

Logical Road Time Differences for Abandon Ward.

Guide to travel time differences

Basic information

The logical main center of The Colonial is known as “The Blemish”, located in The Heartlands.

  • Extended Tier III Road to Abandon Ward.
  • Baluarte (Muro).
  • There is no water logistics in the center.

Warden’s main logistics center is known as “The Bloody Bowery”, located in Viper Pit.

  • There is no real “carretera”.
  • The mountain environment.
  • Water logistics in the hub.

Leaving the abandoned room (driving time)

  • Vehicle: Colonial Truck
  • Articles: 1500 basic materials
  • Destination: Blemish Storage in abandoned ward TH
  • Time: 5:50.

From Kirknell to abandoned neighborhood (driving time)

  • Vehicle: Guard car.
  • Articles: 1,500 basic materials.
  • Destination: Kirknell Maritime Harbor to Abandoned Ward TH.
  • Time: 6:50.


Along the way, the colonials will, on average, arrive at the town hall of Abandoned Ward one minute faster than the Wardens when it comes to the main logistics centers.

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