Trigger Witch Review – A Twin Witch Shooter, cuqui, sangriento y adventurero

It is very complicated to stand out in a market as competitive as that of video games, dear readers. In the hypothetical case of starting from a solid base, our sister will have half a dozen titles that technically distinct will leave the public’s mouth open and therefore they will try to advance many others with impeccable techniques. This is why, seeing the panorama and on rare occasions, the proverbial bulb of ideas settles – like the we – thanks to a chispa that includes ingenuity, familiarity and dynamics whose solutions are tested beyond any reasonable doubt. Of course, part of the adventurous spirit of those who explore new generations, techniques and styles remains in passing, but, in turn, we may bring pleasant – and fun – surprises. At these heights, my ever-alert audience will know where Trigger Witch’s shots are.

Developed by Rainbite, Trigger Witch puts us in the shoes of Collette, a witchcraft student from the Kingdom of Evertonia. But if they don’t realize their status as learners, because they don’t have a formal degree – something we’ll get in the game’s early compasses – its magic has great potential, literally the hot lead that will bear the arms that always accompany him. And ever since a mysterious portal stopped firing guns at the kingdom of Evertonia, witches have begun to move away from more traditional hechiceria to focus on more tactical manipulations like throwing sand for their empty magazines or keep their target. But of course, the neighboring goblin kingdom also wanted access to its weapon supply, so the witches had no choice but to divide the two regions with an impassable magical barrier. That was then, but now is the time for Collette to graduate and become famous…or so she thinks, because a mysterious hechicero has managed to break through the barrier that separates the two kings and poor peace seems to heal while ringing lies and chip tunes.

Kudos for correcting me in the comments, the weapons and visual novels aren’t trying to make a good match, so Trigger Witch chooses to base its more immediate gameplay in the classic two stick shooter. Collette will aim her AK-47 with the right stick and move around the distinct corners of Evertonia with the shotgun. It will be in this exploration that we will discover the reminiscence factor of a 16-bit classic such as The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past, because as we explore the landscapes of Evertonia we will discover caves, castles and main areas that will adopt the structure of the mazmorras. When we miss the tip of the gun, we tend to eliminate bike sympathizers, solve puzzles and find distinctive elements that will test our skills and attentiveness in a dynamic that will unravel the mechanics of classic comics from Nintendo Gungeon. .

If Trigger Witch remembers this last shooting festival it is not by introducing elements of roguelike – which does not – but for sure no gamberrismo in his shotguns and, above all, for the conundencia of his armament. Collette’s arsenal won’t be limited to her loyal and potential weapons, but, as we explore Evertonia and its surroundings, we’ll introduce more instruments to her destructive symphony. Pickpockets caught, use two hands and a crowd favorite as the shotgun will throw three at our enemies, introducing variety to the gameplay – y el shooting – and, of course, they will inspire us to explore all the depths and each of the places, it will not be that we leave an abandoned gun.

Without restriction, the premium seeds will not be displayed in the window so that we can go to work with them. Trigger Witch explores its scenes and mazmorras with a large number of enemies that will refute the general tone of the game. Because even if we don’t stop filming for a second, the artistic separation of Trigger Witch leads to its simplicity pixel art in a completely obscure direction. Full of colors, cool characters and cool elements, even the enemies convey a very happy feeling with their constant homage to Dragon Quest or Super Mario. These sensations continue in a soundtrack that follows in the footsteps of one of the genres that have served as an influence in this title: the adventure RPG. Unsurprisingly, there’s a macabro contrast between its cheery melodies and the mighty cannons of our guns that continue in the stream of blood our pixelated foes will shed to death. Now, if this collection of images does not convince us, we can always enter the options menu and change the blood – too realistic – for the most beautiful confetti … among many other options that will modify the difficulty to our liking .

In the end, Trigger Witch is a simple but fun little bit of references and genres with a solid development in most of its parts: its combats have a vibrant rhythm, its artistic palette is modest but perfect and its levels are well designed and puzzle pieces. However, its own lack of ambitions beyond the combination of genres and end-to-end guides to exchange and provide the player with development that can increase repetition, so we have to summarize a certain balance in time to design their final objectives, with difficulty points that do not correspond to the place in which they are encountered – let’s see, some are too easy and others too complicated. But those freezing temperatures add nothing to a game whose set is really cool. On several occasions, I found myself delaying the moment of appearing the command and with the intention of doubling a corner and crossing with more alms to those who shoot. That’s what you have the power to do with magic.

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