Trick codes from The House of the Dead remake

Sega’s classic zombie disappearance arcade has returned and we’re looking forward to hearing it. Trick codes from The House of the Dead remake is here to stay. Until some of the bad news, we will list each and every trick code in the original game. If developers wanted a loyal recreation, they would have included.

The console port on the original cabinet included a user interface for input commands (or codes) that unlocked everything from secret personalities to unlimited municipalities. After all, things get a lot more fun for zombies to get rid of with ease being able to recite sand without a single charge from the screen.

The House of the Dead Remake is a unique piece. Liga’s gun games have been eliminated from their arcade games, and as such we do not have many alternatives to highlight here. Instead, check out our Dead by Daylight code page and enjoy some great options in the asymmetric multiplayer terror game.

All House of the Dead Remake cheat codes

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Limited coverage Hold down L + R and press Y, Y, Y while playing.
Secret characters On the character selection screen, press and hold L + R and press up, down, X, Y and Z in sequence.
Delete the screen saver Press X, Y and ZR on the bar screen
Show point Maintain L + R press and X, X, X press on the heart rate monitor.

It is worth noting that until the game is launched and we have the means to test these commands adequately, the House of the Dead Remade trick codes listed earlier are experimental and unconfirmed. They are numbered as simple conversions that exchange commands known from the original Sega Saturn version to coincide with those that would be on a Nintendo Switch Pro controller.

There are many possibilities that the trick codes for The House of the Dead Remake do not exist in this version, use completely different buttons or just have them included in a more modern trick menu that everyone can see. There is also the possibility that more codes of The House of the Dead Remake have been added to this version, but we usually wait and see.

And that’s obviously all there is to say about the theme of The House of the Dead Remakes trick codes at the moment. If you are looking for similar course games, we suggest you look for the codes for The Presentation Experience. It’s a Roblox game, of course, but it’s just as fun as this new version of the Sega arcade classic.

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