Tri-Ace: “I want ‘Star Ocean 6’ to sell well. If that happens, I think there is a possibility of 7. Also, I personally want to make ‘Valkyrie Profile 3’.”

What score did the development team give to Star Ocean 6? From the history of how novel systems such as “VA” were born to recommended strategies[Interview]


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・Producer Shingo Mukaitoge and Director Kentaro Arakawa of the game development company “Tri-Ace”, which worked on the “Star Ocean” series and “Valkyrie Profile” series, responded to an interview.

・In the interview, there were remarks about “Star Ocean 7” and “Valkyrie Profile 3”.

– Below are some excerpts

──This is not a fixed schedule, but based on the premise that it is a story within the scope of personal requests and wishes, is there anything you want to do or work on next time?

Mr. Mukaitouge: “Star Ocean 6” has just come out, so it’s still hard to imagine (laughs). Anyway, this work was tough, so even if there is a “7”, I would like to think about it after I calm down a little more.

With this “Star Ocean 6”, I think we’ve created a Tri-Ace-like Star Ocean, and I want everyone to appreciate it and sell it. If so, I think there is a possibility of “7”.

another thing,Personally speaking, I would like to make Valkyrie Profile 3. It’s been a long time since “2” came out.

──I definitely want to play that!

Mr. Mukaitouge: But if there’s a “7”, I’ll do a “7” (laughs).

──If possible, please do both (laughs). So what about Mr. Arakawa?

Mr. Arakawa: Right now, I’m in a rush, so I can’t think of anything (laughs). If there is an opportunity for “7”, I will reconsider whether to simply add “VA” etc. even if it was popular this time, and I will also consider the possibility of adding another system. In my personal opinion, I would like to create something completely new.

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