Treyarch changes Vanguard’s classified ads

As part of the season 3 update, Vanguard-ranked Play developer Treyarch has applied an important package adjustment for player safety.

Later in season 2, players will enter lobbies with players outside their region, which will generate a high ping and a large amount of connection problems. Unfortunately, the launch of a new season is putting an end to these problems.

To the extent that players start working to earn rewards from a brand new classified game, Treyarch says it has reduced the “likelihood of receiving a high ping party”, ensuring players will play matches with others from the same region .

Changes in the order of Vanguard classified ads

Among the park notes for season 3, Treyarch describes several changes to the game classified to the extent it is from the beta version. In addition to adding Control of Berlin to the short group and limiting the Volk assault rifle, the likelihood of European players landing in battles against the American opponent is significantly lower.

Players often ask developers to make certain changes to the games, and it seems that Treyarch listens to the comments to ensure that the Vanguard Ranked Play works in the best possible way.

In addition, the update also restored the ability rating (SR) for all players, resulting in a fresh start for everyone, including Call of Duty League professionals, who play at the top of the rankings.

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Vanguard-ranked games are becoming extremely popular for those who want a more competitive multiplayer experience. With attention slowly turned to the launch of Modern Warfare 2 following the unveiling of the Infinity Ward logo, many expect that some sort of competitive playlist will emerge in the game.

Lacking some time for the next title, the first signs point to the Vanguard cycle ending after season 5, after the filters discover new files in the game.

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