Trek to Yomi review: elegant, so outdated

A proud tribute to director Akira Kurosawa and samurai cinema, Trek to Yomi launches the young sword fighter Hiroki on a pesadilla journey through a very beautiful vision of the Edo period in Japan. This quest to save their loved ones has led them through a world of war-torn lives and Yomi, the land of the dead.

Presented in white and black, the adventure of hack and slash 2.5D will come to you instantly with its rich sense of style and place. You simply will not be boquiabierto for a long time now that almost everyone here wants your head.

Your first deaths are particularly cold: a quick step with knives, then your opponent disappears, his body collapsing into a heap. At this point, you’re also just a kid, even though someone who is an incredible expert in cracking down on bandits. So it’s a quick leap in time, and of course you’re on your way to a path of heroism, revenge, or sometimes a little bit of both.

Murdered in style

The fight is best when a slow and measured blow is taken. Sending spam attacks and expecting the best is generally not enough so that enemies can easily evade or use their strained blows to strike their own blows. A single counterattack at the moment can derail most of the standard enemies, but complications arise when first the armed warriors, the archers and finally the bosses, the last of these appear as a distraction just as a good opportunity to assume.

Fortunately, combat can be as technical as any, with a range of elegant footwork and range weapons that can dominate over time. Without limitations, in the difficulty of the game, you can arrange to a large extent to play on the defense and attract your opponent to death with a brilliant sword. When everything goes according to plan, its counterparts can feel magically fast and efficient, and they always stay calm and reduce time. However, you are not always at the mercy of your own abilities. This is due to the fact that the torpedo animations can sometimes create confusion in the fragility of the battle, the big battles are more complicated than emotional, and there is a slowness in the controls that keeps you out of the defensive game.

More than the simple deaths of counterattacks, there is a close weakening in the hand of the sword that comes back each time, harder to the extent that Trek to Yomi began to demand more. Even without these frustrations, despite the hassle of renovating and my extended skills, I was still stuck with the subsequent meetings at the end of my trip. It is not a long game, with a duration of about four hours, but it is one that has been canceled without restrictions. The introduction of repetitive stimuli, medium cooking and mortals does not do much to animate things.

Introduction to murder

That opening time is without a doubt more or less a strong first-hand impression. More than simple arenas to play in, each initial level and environment has its own logic and compelling design, and the team has worked clearly in the composition of each new scene. These expanding establishments have a wonderful sense of depth and depth, with subtle details that call for your attention, so you will usually feel closer to the action as the blood coagulation develops.

At the end of most of the levels you will see your surroundings in almost every sense, but you have always tried to explore the corners and crevices to see how Flying Wild Hog would present a lush forest or a very quiet forest. transmitter. I was thrilled with each new clip, thanks to the simple joy of figuring out where I could place the camera next time.

Not surprisingly, the levels of Trek to Yomi, as beautiful as they are, must be full of spectacular horrors of human and demonic variation. The Aldea in the aforementioned calls left me the biggest impression, with the results of an evil intrusion that was presented in a brutally brutal way. Later, a pantanosa town plagued by mudslides is completely engulfed by the realm of pesadillas, with its inhabitants encompassing creatures resembling insects and dead living drummers.

Still without steam

His presentation in white and black combined with the elaborate composition of the scene conveys him as a surprising visual experience for the most part, but in a way where time passes and its places each time come more abstract or from another world, I suddenly found myself even lose interest, not just on level. design but also in the narrative.

Including a large dose of imagination, Trek to Yomi tells a rather routine story of a battle divided between love, courage and revenge, so much so that players’ rare decisions throughout the adventure lead to one of these last three points. Yes, we know exactly who these characters are before a word is uttered, including the obedient young swordsman and the merchant and repentant master. There is a taquigraphy in the game that allows you to start directly into the action, even if you would still expect something more than the most obvious arrows for them.

And that’s part of a bigger problem with the Trek to Yomi. It is a predominantly reverent tribute to the samurai cinema that only intends to be completely alienated on a superficial level, as narrative as in its play. Its style is considerable, and the action of hack and slash at its core may be emotional from time to time, but it’s a game that’s hard to enjoy and participate in at a level very below the surface.

Game Resume Trek to Yomi The Resume Trek to Yomi is a reverent tribute to Kurosawa and to the samurai cinema, which, although elegant without effort, only intends several times lower with it on a superficial level. PlayStation 5

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