Trawel – Alchemy Guide

The official guide to alchemy in witch choirs using drawers.

Alchemy guide


The basic concepts of alchemy are simply to build drawers in a pot in a pot of witches and then finish it to get a pot. But this can be even more complicated when you do not know what the options are.

No matter in what order the drawers are, each party has its own pre-determined priority. For example, transmission takes place before the joints.

There is also the question of how many ingredients a pot has: this is the same as the amount of ingredients that are more relevant than the amount of filling ingredients (apples, wood or cera). Remember that the tree has the ability to cut its pot, so use it wisely!

Transmission and priority positions

1 Nucleus Ent + 2 Meat

  • Meet a golem meat that has already lost a beating heart.

1 Virgin + 1 Blood

  • Bloody Mary. The bloody enemies that attack you will kill you.

1 Eón Stone + X Silver

1 Eón Stone + 2 Wood

Tree with 10 options to harvest your pot.

Normal professions

1 Cera + 1 Honey

  • Beetle box. Shoot the enemies in battle.

1 Mimic Tripas + 1 Telescope

  • Telescopic. Attacks ganan precision in function of its speed.

1 mimic tripas + 1 bat wing

  • Reactive goal. When you are attacked, your precision increases.

1 direct call + 1 meal

  • Counterfeit. Increase combat life and restore armor over time.

3 foods

  • Ample. Increase match hp.

1 wing of murciélago

  • Price. Increase the combat attack speed.

If you do not make a shot at this point, you will get a damn shot instead, which reduces the hp of the match.

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