Tower of Fantasy codes and how to play them

If you’re looking for Tower of Fantasy codes, you’ve come to the right place. Perfect World Entertainment’s open world roller coaster games regularly support a range of promotional codes that practical players follow. Although the Western version has not yet entered the beta version, some codes are still flying for the Chinese version, which can also be used to save the penny for the Western launch.

This guide explains what the Tower of Fantasy codes are and what to do with them, in addition to when you can expect more.

If you’re looking for more Tower of Fantasy before the beta release and full launch, check out our general descriptions of the current character list, including Zero and Samir.

What are the codes for Tower of Fantasy?

Like other gacha game codes, such as Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy codes provide you with free items that in other ways tend to make you pay. It’s a convenient way to store important items and save a few bucks if you’re planning to spend money, so it’s always worth the pen to find new codes and use them as soon as possible.

All active codes for Tower of Fantasy

These are the codes of the Tower of Fantasy that are active right now:

• ht888

• huanta666

• huanta888

• huanta520

• ht666

• ht520

• YL666

• YL777

• YL999

We still do not have access to the beta or Chinese version, because in reality it is a bit mysterious who gets these codes.

Lost Tower of Fantasy Codes

No code has ever been deleted.

How to play Tower of Fantasy codes

With the game running, open the gift box icon menu. Select the bottom option on the left side of the screen, then enter and then enter your code. Go to the menu, then open your in-game mail to get your items.

How to get multiple Tower of Fantasy codes

Until now, it is not clear what Perfect World has planned for the Western launch. As with Genshin Impact, we assume that these codes will be launched during special events, such as live broadcasts, or to mark important occasions. We will keep this page updated, so come back periodically for more information.

Meanwhile, you can see what to expect from Meryl, the Ice Warrior, when the Tower of Fantasy launches later this year.

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