Touhou Project was really popular with kids! It will be affirmed by official official data wwwwww

From Touhou Danmaku Kagura live broadcast

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[[Sad news]Sound game “Touhou Danmakukagura” is out of service! ! Although there are many users, it will end without lasting for a year】
[Sound game “Touhou Danmakukagura Fantasia Lost” to be released on Steam in 2023! The dead smartphone app is back as a standalone version! ]

Official player data, population map


Under 14 33%
15-19 years old 25%

20-24 years old 17%
25-29 years old 8%
30-34 years old 6%
35-39 years old 6%
Over 40 5%

Players under the age of 19 were tightening more than half!


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