Total War: Rome Remastered – How to be OP

A guide to the art of being overly powerful.

Guide to becoming an OP

OP phalanx unit

Hospitals are very powerful, and if they are not flanked or attacked by retaliation, they are almost impossible to break. Jealousy in bottle cups like bridges and streets in the city center. It can also be used on a long line with other lifeboat units. Its biggest weakness is missiles and enemy artillery, so be careful. Even the hoplites of the militias can suffer hundreds of deaths, especially against the cavalry of the enemy, if they are well placed. Four militia shoplifters can defend thousands of enemies in a city if they do not have excessive missile units. Colócalos on either side of plaza del pueblo and finally with a large part of the enemy ejércitos. If the cavalry of the infantry were accused of a phalanx, they would remain stationed at launches and attack many lower ones without inflicting almost any. Personally, I killed so many Roman piles with only a few units of hoplitas in a level 1 stage.

Well, by all means, it’s pretty simple to use, enjoy killing a lot of enemies with low pitches.

Examples of few hoplitas facing many dominant enemies:

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