Torchlight II will make its world debut for consoles next month

Today brings a press release that will be consoles talking about an ARPG worth commenting on. Perfect world has announced it Torchlight IIthe classic mazmorras exploration game, you can now buy in advance for the Nintendo Switch in Europe and the US.

Torchlight II for consoles is a reality

Switch users can visit the Nintendo eShop and purchase the popular action RPG Run games before the official launch. To do so, they will unlock an exclusive mascot of the new version: Yapper, the Green Elf. In addition, a new mascot exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version has been introduced, a cheerful and rolling unicornio that will accompany players on their journey through the dangerous continent Vilderan.

Torchlight II will make its world debut for consoles next month, with new content and updates designed specifically for new platforms by the Panic Button Games team. Among them are improved controls, a new interface and exclusive pets for each platform. These are:

  • Unicornio (Nintendo Switch Exclusive) – A cheerful and cute pink unicorn that will chase your enemies to the edge.
  • Diablillo founded (Xbox One Exclusive) – A gritty fog with bucket and fire effects in its cola.
  • Hada (PlayStation 4 Exclusive) – A magical creation with a crown and wings resembling a butterfly.
  • Yapper (Excluding pre-orders) – The universe’s orange pixie is shared with the action RPG Torchlight Frontiers.

Torchlight II will be available on September 3 for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for € 19.99

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