Today, November 12th, marks the 2nd anniversary of the PS5 release! Everyone should be able to buy it soon! ?

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PlayStation 5 – Wikipedia

PlayStation 5 (PlayStation Five, abbreviation: PS5) is Sony Interactive Entertainment (abbreviation: SIE).November 12, 2020Home-use stationary game machine released in .

It’s been two years…

I haven’t been able to get it yet, so I can’t honestly celebrate

What is still lottery sales?

I just won the 2nd anniversary!

Only the number of units spread is impressive, but whether it is in the hands of decent consumers is another matter.It is likely to become a hardware without a million seller due to software sales…

Congratulations on the 2nd anniversary of PS5 release! ! ! !

By the way, I haven’t bought it yet either.

It’s true that you can’t buy it straight, but the lottery sales are getting pretty low.
Make it available in stores! The voice is so good…

PlayStation 5 (CFI-1200A01)

Release date: 2022-09-15
Manufacturer: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Category: Video Games
Sales Rank: 5
See details at

[PS5]God of War Ragnarok[Early Purchase Bonus]Maishi Snow Armor (Kratos Armor) / Maishi Snow Tunic (Cosmetic for Atreus) (Enclosed)[ Limited]Item Undecided[CERO]Rating “Z”]

Release date: 2022-11-09
Manufacturer: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Category: Video Games
Sales rank:
See details at

Hogwarts Legacy[Reservation privilege]DLC Onyx Hippogriff ride included[ limited]Item undecided included-PS5

Release date: 2023-02-10
Manufacturer: WB Games
Category: Video Games
Sales rank:
See details at


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