to the extent that the minimum prices for NFTs are met, why do NFTs fall?

With questions floating around as to why cryptocurrencies are falling apart today, the mood in the low-income market has finally affected the major NFT projects, resulting in a total Across the NFT market.

Some of NFT’s best projects have stumbled and their lower prices have been reduced to a minimum. All thanks to the recent collapse of the cryptocurrencies that ended in honor of several first-order NFTs.

While the cryptocurrency market is witnessing a meltdown of investor interest, we have gathered some ideas as to why the NFT market is running at a very fast pace.

The current decline in the NFT market: What happened?

Cryptomoneds and NFTs have an inevitable connection. With the total prices of cryptocurrencies falling by almost 24%, some of the best NFT projects have also experienced a rapid drop in their minimum prices within the last 24 hours.

Various first-level NFTs, including the Bored Ape Yacht Club, have seen their prices reduced by almost half in the last seven days. The minimum price has now been reduced to 82 ETH, about $ 102,000. Meanwhile, Mutant Ape Yacht Club prices have also fallen by 22% to $ 20,000.

The newly launched Moonbirds based in Solana have also suffered from the effects of the current cryptographic collapse. Its minimum price increased 16% to $ 23,250.

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Why are NFTs blocked?

As mentioned earlier, NFTs are directly linked to the major cryptocurrencies. With the entire cryptocurrency market flooded with volatility at the moment, it looks like the NFTs are getting a big hit in the middle of it all.

As Ethereum prices fall below $ 1300, several cryptocurrencies associated with ETH are also friendly. Its prices have been reduced to an extent due to turbulent market conditions.

Besides that, cryptocurrencies also talk about a peculiar bathing effect. Define this as a process when a large NFT project is put up for sale that indirectly affects the prices of other NFT projects. This is because investors are trying to sell these NFT positions to raise money to buy the new NFT.

Another prominent reason why the NFT market is faltering is the spread of investors’ interest in NFTs. According to recent data from Google Trends, there is a significant increase in the term “buy NFT”, which registers a strength of about 80%. Along with that, the phrase “sell NFT” accounted for 83% of Google’s search interest index. All of this indicates a deterrent effect on users’ interest in the NFT domain.

The recent collapse of the Luna cryptocurrencies, along with the USDD Depeg, has also affected investors’ overall stance. It is possible that they have started to slow down their general trading in NFT / cryptocurrencies.

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