THQ Nordic buys Piranha Bytes together with Gothic, Risen and ELEX IPs

THQ Nordic has today announced the purchase of the study of Piranha Bytes, as well as the registered trademark and intellectual property rights Gothic. Piranha Byte’s rights were also acquired Traveled up y ELEX.

ELEX 2 could become a reality

THQ Nordic welcomes every member of the Piranha Bytes team to their family. We already have enough (well, every time we meet in person), we have fun (rallies, Christmas and summer parties or karaoke songs), we cry (when the wrong person arrives on the karaoke scene), and we (if the cosplay from Batman Gamescom 2018 comes to mind), from now on we will also officially have it on the set ”, commented the team. Completion of the transaction is subject to the approval of the Piranha Bytes Committee.

The new unit (Piranha Bytes GmbH, Essen, Germany) will house the entire development team and is 100% affiliated with THQ Nordic GmbH with headquarters in Vienna, Austria. As before, the team will focus and concentrate on creating unique and unique role-playing experiences with full creative freedom to do so, while THQ Nordic GmbH will act as editor of Piranha Bytes, responsible for distribution, marketing and subsequent support.

“There are situations in life where you think, ‘This is going well.’ , what the future holds for us with the right partner and the right network of companies, “says Björn Pankratz, Director of Projects and Designer Bytes.” After all, we will continue to create amazing, memorable and effective games with the greatest possible creative freedom , and with THQ Nordic we know that we are now part of a family that supports all media in our efforts. “


The press note is also between see twe call ELEX 2 and for now do not want to make statements about a possible remake of Gothic and / or Risen.

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