THQ Nordic buys IP of “Kingdoms of Amalur” and the rights to MMORPG “Copernicus”

THQ Nordic today announced the agreement to acquire the intellectual property rights to “Kingdoms of Amalur“Sex 38 Studios LLC, based in Providence, Rhode Island, USA. The agreement also blocks the purchase of “Amalur”, an IP based on the abandoned MMORPG project called Project Copernicus.

Will THQ Nordic be dismantled by a new MMORPG?

The acquisition is carried out by THQ Nordic AB with headquarters in Karlstad, Sweden, and the daily operations such as sales and distribution, evaluation of products and new content will be carried out through THQ Nordic GmbH in Vienna, Austria.

To get an idea of ​​what THQ Nordic has bought, we searched Kingdom of Amalur: Accounting, an open world RPG launched on February 10, 2012 that evolved 38 studies and you have Electronic Arts as your editor.

Participated in the project RA Salvatore, the Superintendent of the New York Times; Todd McFarlane, the creator of the Spawn series; y Ken Rolstonthe chief designer of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Hace 4 yearseven Curt Schilling, founder of 38 Studios, said on Twitter; “If anyone buys Amalur and wants to put a development team into the future, then this is it is a saga of thousands of millions of dollars«. It would be good to know that the award has devalued the number of thousands that Schilling was so proud of. In addition, the license for the canceled MMORPG Copernicus, the same one that THQ Nordic bought today, was also sold in Amalur.

Respect a Project Copernicus developed by 38 Studios, here as editor at Sony Online Entertainment, responsible for Everquest and Everquest 2. In February 2015 was acquired by Columbus Nova and he died as he knew him today Daybreak Game Company.

Project Copernicus was canceled because it was a very expensive and expensive bet, even though it was beautifulsaid John Smedley, president of Sony Online Entertainment.

“The strange thing is that even though he drinks it several times for us to try to make money and we did not reach any agreement, I would really play it,” he commented. “Sometimes we study and see it, and we always remain impressed. But the money was too much for it to stop working for us. This is a business where the risks are enormous, we already had many risks in the air, and it was still too much for us.I thought there was already too much money spent but the quality was indisputable.He was handsome and had contact with intelligent people working on him.It’s just that it was too expensive ”.

Let’s see what we have in hand with these THQ Nordic licenses. Are you a remaster quiz or a new title?

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