This week’s “Hunter Hunter” is too dangerous and controversial … “I gave up reading”

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“HUNTER x HUNTER” exceeds 6000 characters when I counted. Some people dropped out from the series due to the “too many characters problem”? |Real Sound|Real Sound Book

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“Weekly Shonen Jump” resumed serialization for the first time in about four years, and the latest 37 volumes of comics are selling well.

“HUNTER x HUNTER” (Yoshihiro Togashi).Contents that intersect the interests of multiple factions and appear one after another

A certain number of readers say that they can’t keep up with the new characters, but due to “dropping out of the series”

What seems to be spurring on is the feature of “a lot of letters” that has been talked about for a long time.

The 394th episode “Assumption” published in today’s November 14th issue also has a lot of text, and for reference,

of the narrationCounting the number of characters, it is actually 6,109 characters.(* “!!” and “three-point leader (…)” are counted as one character.

Count / Handwritten lines are also counted / Ruby (furigana), unreadable characters in flashback scenes, sound effects, etc.

not included). By the way, “Akane Banashi”, which was also an explanation of the rakugo program, is 1,648 characters when counted in the same way.

“HUNTER x HUNTER” increased 3.7 times. The number of characters in this article is about 1000 characters,

Considering 6000 characters, it will be about the volume of an interview article that is worth reading.

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A cartoon in which an unfamiliar character is talking intently

I can’t see the letters

sleepy cartoon

no one reads it anymore

Garbage, not worth reading
I think I’ll draw it alone on twitter or do it on my own with a jumper

During the hiatus, I’m not slacking off, but I’m thinking about a lot of lines.
The picture is a bonus.

Who are these guys in the first place?

Somehow, I intentionally made the sentence longer than necessary

Exactly old age
Learn from Oda-kun

Who cares about Mob’s long sentences?

You don’t draw because you want to draw as long as hair
stop it already

If you don’t miss the serialization, this is fine
because it’s not

really boring
Dress is 100 times more fun

Now it’s time to spread the furoshiki, but it’s too wide
It would be nice if it was serialized every week, but I can’t stand this even though I’m resting for years

brain burst

If you force someone to write to someone who has already reached the peak of their talent, it will happen.

This is an illustration

Too many letters!


I used to complain a lot about how many characters there were, but
Are you still going to do this… the page is really going to be amazing…

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HUNTER x HUNTER the Movie ~Scarlet Illusion~

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