This time SFC software program soars! ? 10,000 yen if the smooth cassette of “FF4” is a used good situation, 50,000 yen whether it is in the identical situation as new…

Software that was 3,000 yen is now 100,000 yen!?


According to the article

・Because the Super Famicom software program was shipped in additional numbers than the Famicom, (though the record worth was initially greater than the Famicom), it was offered at 1280 yen, 980 yen, 480 yen, and so forth. instantly after its launch. It was not unusual.

・However, it’s stated that there are instances the place the worth of 100,000 yen is connected even when solely the instruction handbook or the cassette is filled with scratches.

There are many cassettes of “FF4” in the marketplace, however even a second-hand product in good situation can price near 10,000 yen, and a brand-new one can price as a lot as 50,000 yen.It says.

・The cause why FF4, which is so in style, has develop into a premiere is as a result of it’s a sport that everybody has touched.“I want to keep my favorite game as an object” “I want to decorate a beautiful jacket”It is claimed that there are a lot of individuals who assume that that is the rationale.

Most individuals who need software program purchase it for viewing or assortment, so even when it’s a well-known title, whether it is in good situation, the market worth will skyrocket.It says.

·Other,In the case of an ideal product, “Super Metroid” is traded at 20,000, “Akumajo Dracula XX” is traded at 50,000, and “Kiki Kaikai Mysterious Black Cloak” is traded at about 60,000.It says.

·Inside,“Deae Tonosama Appare Ichiban”, “Love Quest”, “Seiken Densetsu 3 Not for Sale Version” and so forth. are traded for 100,000It says.

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