This might be the reason why the PlayStation has become an Owakon…

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Steam is too competent, and recently there are almost no software that can only be done with PS…
As far as EPIC goes, they say they’re delivering games for free every week…

Ah, it’s a phenomenon similar to the smartphone game that gave a big blow to the mobile game market…
Speaking of salvation, it is salvation that it is difficult for PCs to spread as much as smartphones.

That’s why Nintendo won’t release Pokemon on PC…

↑ It’s not just that you don’t need to pay someone else (Steam) to put it in there when you have a hardware that you made yourself and sells like crazy.
user base will be different.

It’s because the demand isn’t keeping up with the price increase.

Switch ≠ Steam
Is it because it’s PS

Is it a feeling that the transition from PS4 to PS5 has completely failed, and Steam has dominated in that gap?
PS5 is not popular, so dedicated software will not be released.

It’s true that I can think of a lot of games that can only be played on the Switch, but I can’t think of anything that can only be played on the PS5…
Husband who does not do white eyes

Hey, there’s a lot to come!
It’s because of resellers that PS5 doesn’t get much attention!
Husband who does it Majigire Husband who does not sweat

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