This is the news from SMITE, Rogue Company and Paladins in 2021

Hi-Rez Studios has launched 2021 with some spectacular ads for its free games, SMITE, Rogue Company y Paladinsand which was presented today at the Hi-Rez Showcase event.

This year’s edition, which has been completely online, has included the most important Hi-Rez Presents presentation, unique panels and community events. These are some of the most important ads:

  • SMITE: 2020 was the best year for Hi-Rez Studios’ popular mythological theme MOBA. Season 8 of this year, Amanecer of Babylon, gets even better and will include the new Babylonian pantheon, a new map of Conquest (the first in 3 years), new gods (such as Tiamat and Gilgamesh), new battlefields, new collaborations and much more more eSports activity during the year.
  • Rogue Company: with a spectacular launch in 2020 (when more than 15 million players are united), Hi-Rez Studios’ new title will enjoy four seasons of action and disappear this year, each with new mercenaries (like Kestrel), new maps (like f (eg El vacio), new events and much more.
  • Paladins: More than 45 million players of the game adventure and fantasy of teams will enjoy even more content in season 4: Calamidad. The year 2021 will see more masters, more frequent updates, brand new events in a limited period, event passes and more. The first champion of the year will be the much awaited Yagorath. This threat from large parts of the kingdom, mentioned for years in Paladin’s history, is embedded in all life and existence.

“2020 was a fantastic year for Hi-Rez Studios and our development teams, with the launch of the exciting Rogue Company, in addition to a record year for SMITE and Paladins”, said Stew Chisam, president of Hi-Rez Studios. “With 2021 full of content updates, Hi-Rez Studios will continue to offer first-level gaming experiences to our millions of fans.”

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