This is the new one that brings Football Manager 2019

SEGA has announced the main features of Football Manager 2019 it along with a new look and the long awaited incorporation of Bundesliga official licensecombine to make this delivery the most complete.

Football Manager 2019 now with official license from the Bundesliga

It has been said training for the biggest revision in the series’ history. The new module includes a wide range of new opportunities, preparatory sessions and programs that will help managers achieve the best of their senior players and develop their young stars.

Sports Interactive has worked closely with clubs and coaches in the real world to ensure that the new methods truly represent what is happening in training camps around the world. The changes are just as important when the players go on the training ground in full party mode.

Managers now have much more control over the way their team plays, as the FM tactics module has also received a significant upgrade. The new pre-established tactical style options allow managers to choose from some of the most popular systems in world football or develop their own tactics and unique game philosophies.

The most experienced will be responsible for the large selection of team instructions that are available, depending on whether the team is in attack, defense or game in the transition phase.

Fans can apply these tactics to any of them 36 clubs with full license already in the main categories of German football Sports Interactive has signed an agreement to acquire licenses from any team as much as in the Bundesliga as in the Bundesliga 2 appear with their shields, equipment and faces of the official players, for the first time in the series’ history. The inclusion of German clubs and leagues also means that FM19 will also have a complete translation into German, increasing the catalog of available game languages ​​to 19.

There are also many things in FM19 for less experienced leaders, especially the new one “introduction of leaders“Which acts as an intuitive and interactive tutorial system that allows beginners to start without having to give up the reserved game. FM veterans can also join the induction system to find new and updated features this season.

Football Manager 2019 launches for PC and Mac on November 2.

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