This is the Chinese version of SEKIRO! ? Chinese style open world action “Hyakumen Chiso” will be released on PS5 / PS4!

PS5™/PS4R “Hyakumen Senso” PV released for the first time! Approaching the Chinese style open world action game!


According to the article

Chaotic times do not stop, just protect your true intentions – read a thousand aspects and know the truth of 100 faces of sentient beings.

I am very happy to announce that the PV for “Hyakumen Chisou” has been released for the first time and that this work will appear on PlayStation®. “Hundred Faces” is a Chinese-style open-world action game developed by Paper Games, and we built this fantasy world around the theme of exploring different beliefs. As the players go through turbulent times as a “Hundred Faces Master”, get acquainted with many people, and understand their beliefs, it will turn into a mask. And use that mask as power in battle.

We want players to experience a Chinese style open world storyline and action battles.

Explore the fantasy land of turbulent China

This work is an open world and depicts a Chinese-style fantasy world. Players can freely explore numerous castles designed with reference to ancient Chinese castles, and feel the unique atmosphere of China while playing. Visit beautiful mountains, forests, rivers, etc. and enjoy the unique scenery while feeling the changes of the four seasons.

As the hero travels around the world, he meets many different people. In the turbulent times, people’s individuality blooms brilliantly. While feeling this, we strive to understand people’s beliefs, and by gradually understanding and resonating with those who are strangers to us or those who are in conflict with us, we deepen our understanding of sentient beings in this world and realize our true beliefs. .


Hundreds of faces
・Manufacturer: Paper Games
・Format: PlayStationR5/PlayStationR4
・Genre: Chinese-style open-world action game
・Release date: Undecided
・ Undecided
・ Number of players: Undecided
・CERO: To be reviewed

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