These are the three new projects that Pearl Abyss has on the market

Pearl Abyss has already completed 10 years of life! The Surcoreano video game developer was launched on September 10, 2010, and its signature book game, Black desertwas launched in 2014. Today and thanks to having become a global phenomenon, Black Desert already has more than 40 million players in more than 150 countries and four different platforms.

What we’re looking for in Pearl Abyss

Pearl Abyss is already developing three new projects: Crimson Desert, DokeV and PLAN 8, as well as a new generation of their game engine.

  • Crimson Desert is an epic fantasy MMORPG based on stories of mercenaries struggling to survive in the unspoiled land of Pywell.
  • DokeV is an open world MMO full of exciting stories and takes place in a unique and vibrant world, which allows players to collect creations on a scale that promotes and develops their characters.
  • PLAN 8 is a multiplayer MMO game where players use a huge extraction that gives them special combat skills.

“It’s amazing to think that the Pearl Abyss trip started a decade ago; time flies when you are happy ” says Robin Jung, CEO of Pearl Abyss.

“We’ve got big hits and we’re working hard to create the best games in the world.” A key aspect of our success has been the creation of our own game engine with a technology that has allowed us to quickly climb titles like Black Desert on several high-impact platforms, while offering new and experienced judges. I ¡For many years to come «.

Black Desert has raised nearly $ 2,000 million

The global impact of the Black Desert is reflected in its revenue of nearly $ 2,000 million since its launch in 2010, of which 40% comes from North America and Europe, 26% from Korea and the remaining 34% is distributed in other Asian countries, including Japan and Taiwan. .

Black Desert is always bigger

The world of Black Deserts has expanded significantly with the launch of the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and mobile versions. The global presence of the game as a company has continued to expand, with more than a dozen new expansions and content over the past year, including new referee classes, regions, executives and more. More than 40 million players have tried Black Desert on all its platforms.

Shadow Arena

Since launching with expected access in May 2020, Shadow Arena, an action-packed PvP game set in the Black Desert universe, has expanded along with its brother game. Now you are ready to enter the competitive world of eSports.

Other games and titles

In 2018, Pearl Abyss bought CCP Games, an Icelandic video game developer based in Reijkjavik, best known for its popular game EVE Online, a massive science fiction MMO in which players build and pilot a wide range of space sails with stars. Since this acquisition, CCP has continued to expand EVE Online with its “EVE in quadrantes” initiative, a process in which the year is divided into four sections that include content updates that are very important to adapt to a specific theme during that time period. . CCP recently launched EVE Echoes, the mobile version of EVE Online that gained huge popularity right away.

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