These are the games that have been played the most on PC, mobile and consoles during January 2019

Superdata come back a month with your sales report with different titles on each platform. In January 2019, consumers spend $ 8.4 billion on digital games across all platforms (Consoles, PCs and mobiles), a 6% less than last year.

January a month on earth for all platforms

The PC platform was hardest hit with an increase of 29%. Meanwhile, console revenue also fell by 3%, although this benefited Fortnite due to the tibio revenue from major console franchises such as Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, FIFA and Overwatch.

Sales platforms for January 2019

Although free-to-play is not the first month Dungeon Fighter online it’s similar to the game that makes the most money on the pc platform, the sure thing is that the game on steam does not enjoy the great popularity and let’s assume that it’s thanks to its own client that gets its good results.

On the contrary, League of legends down to the second position with regard to my past, followed by Fantasy Westward Journey Online IIa NetEase MMORPG that has been in operation since 2005 in China.

Fortnite will enter months at the bottom of the list, certainly affected by the success of Apex Legends but for now we do not see it here. Fortnite’s revenue on all combined platforms decreased by 48% compared to the previous monthalthough sales continue to increase markedly year after year.

On consoles, Red Dead Redemption 2 online (beta) can not be separated. Revenue from this title has accounted for 14% over the previous month due to player losses.

If we now see Nintendo’s superheroes, Super Smash Bros. Ultimately, its revenue is drastically reduced. Superdata estimates that the digital devices at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will drop by 83% compared to December, indicating that sales sales were quite high due to Christmas dates in addition to good acceptance in sales of its own Nintendo Swtich console. The cost that players incur during the game has increased my gratitude to Fighter Pass.

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Finally, we look for cell phones The Glory of the Kingswhich for those who do not know it is Arena of ValorMOBA of Tencent Games, which fully copies League of Legends, and which has also worked in all regions.

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