These are the 5 free games for the month of June with Twitch Prime

Richthe platform favorite video platform and social networks of many users have advertised five matches that Twitch Prime users will be able to download for free from today, May 31st until the end of June.

Twitch Prime is part of the Amazon Prime service, offering exclusive discounts for launching new video games, access to characters, vehicles, skins and upgrades to Twitch’s most popular games, as well as surprises such as free indie games and exclusive rewards. You can also use Twitch without ads and communicate with one free monthly subscriptionso you can support your favorite streamer.

Amazon Prime costs only EUR 4.99 / month.

Twitch Prime

List of free Twitch Prime games June 2018

Pinch the name in to see the trailer.

  • Punishment – A rogue-like FPS that generates complete and unique levels every time you play.
  • Banner Sagaen – Live a role-playing game in viking saga epic, where your strategic decisions will directly affect your personal journey.
  • The Banner Saga 2 Continue your adventure right after the culminating events of The Banner Saga.
  • Tumblestone – Completely reinvent the grinding game for an intense and frustrating task-solving experience that you will never forget.
  • Treadnauts Start to heaven with 4 player tanks

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