There is No Game: Jam Edition 2015 – Achievement Guide

This will show you how to get the odds for this or anything less than a game.

How to achieve all the achievements

First shooter

During the part where the narrator moves the altavo, you should be able to click on it in less than 3 seconds. Probably the worst of it all, but it’s not that bad either.

In addition, you can always use AutoClicker for this.

Ready for the circus!

It was a good thing for a while after the narrator had caught up with the speaker inside a metal box.

Use one of the letters in the original title, place it on the metal box, then immediately press the metal box and drag it repeatedly below the letter you are reading. Make sure the letter bounces off the metal box 10 times and you get the chance.

master of bride

While playing the Breakout game, remove all the blocks before the narrator touches the buck.

Cruelty animals

At any time while the goat is in the jaula, fill the trophy with water and sprinkle it over the buck.

Note: Do not drop it too high. Win the trophy around where the jaula is.

Bad student

When the “There is a game” screen appears, type “Tree” or “goat” before “Games”.

Seamos amigos / Nada degradable

During the final, where you have to choose yes or no, you have to choose both to get different finals.

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