Then add a new celebrity to your character roster: tennis player Naomi Osaka

Tennis Naomi Osaka will be the next celebrity to appear in Fortnite.

Osaka skins and in-game items will be available in Epic Games’ popular battle royale starting next Thursday, March 3. His two outfits will be numbers 23 and 24 in the Fortnite Icon Series (formerly known as the Creator Collab Series) in which real-world celebrities will appear as singers, footballers or eSports stars. In it, for example, has already included Lebron James, Harry Kane, Ariana Grande or Ninja, among others.

Osaka will also have its own spike (in the form of a paddle, of course), ala delta, and emotes.

Epic hasn’t revealed the price of the Naomi Osaka bundle, although the price is expected to be as usual, between 1,800 and 2,400 PaVos. Players, in any case, will have the opportunity to unlock the Forbidden Ace skins, racks, and spray during the event. Osaka Cup which will be celebrated on Wednesday, March 2.

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