The writer of “Monday’s Tawawa” has been drawing “Monday’s Tawawa” for 8 years, and consequently, one thing wonderful has occurred…

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↓Tawawa of the Week

Junji Inagawa’s tone made my coronary heart pound as I assumed it was a horror story.

Dominant hand

Dwarf “I’ll take care of you”
Kiseki Himura Monday's Tawawa Manuscript Netero Habit-related image-02

It’s really a state of selflessness ( ゚д゚)( ゚д゚)( ゚д゚)

Himura-sensei’s Stand “Tawawa the Monday” is the power to attract Tawawa on Mondays♪

Sooner or later, I’ll go away the sound behind and spend extra time praying

The man who overcame the specter of Monday

Even if she loses her reminiscence in a marine accident and is protected, she attracts a lazy woman each Monday and finds out who she is!

It’s wonderful when habits go this far
Is this a professional…
Yaruo PC sweat hmm hand on chin

I’m stunned you have been doing this for 8 years
Please proceed to present me vitality on gloomy Mondays!
Husband who does not do counter front

Five Star Stories 17

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Funeral Freelen (10)

Release date: 2023-03-16
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