The Weedcraft video game that allows us to create a marijuana business

Devolver Digital y Slide monarch has announced the first game that turns marijuana into a business. We’ll talk to you about Weedcraft.

Weedcraft has announced its launch for PC in 2019 and will focus on the production, manufacture and marketing of marijuana in the United States. The economic, political and cultural aspects of the country’s complex relationship with this plant are equally disturbing and promising will be examined in detail.



The owners of the “grass” want to prioritize resources carefully while managing the production and distribution of their “peyote”. There are to cultivate, cross and market special varieties so that the devil’s seeds can produce material benefits. This requires a hand of work that grows at the same speed, administrative skills and willingness to compete. As in real life, the real estate industry offers many opportunities and a wide range of problems. Players decide when and where to take an extra risk to maximize their profits, but they need to make sure police and politicians work in accordance with their own ideas.

As an important, controversial, insightful and detailed theme, Weedcraft offers a challenge to those who want to dominate the market, offering a variety of scenarios and unique characters that players can work with to gauge the future empire. Already by deciding to cooperate with politicians, pay for social harassment, fight for the rights to medical marijuana or administer the legal system, all this is possible in the name of drug addicts and the huge profits of companies that operate.

At the moment, it is unclear which platform will start the experiment with this game. For more information on Weedcraft go to his website.

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