The Valencian studio Chibig announces three new games for the year 2022

Yesterday was a big day for Chibig, the Spanish studio based in Valencia. In a seven-minute presentation transmitted via YouTube, the developer announced a bunch of new projects that are planned for this year 2022.

Perhaps the most famous aspect is the three new titles that have been announced, some of which have been developed in collaboration with other Spanish studies. This is the case of Koa and the Five Pirates of Maraan eco-friendly 3D platformer from its previous Summer in Mara that will be developed alongside Talpa Games (Mail Mole) and Undercoders (Conga Master, SuperEpic).

On the other hand, Mika and the Witch’s Mountain is an adventure game in which you control a small and adorable witch who opens parcels and interacts with the inhabitants of a small island. On this occasion, he will develop alongside Nukefist (Genokids), the art of Ernest Sala and the animation of Alkimia Studio.

The study also announced several internal developments. Among them, the release of the rest of the Stories of Mara chapters confirmed, the visual novel is also set in the Summer in Mara universe that launched last year:

Finally, Elusive People will be a game of “little people in a big house” in which we will explore a world much bigger than us:

All games are now available on your Steam page with more information, and alli can be added to our wishlist. If, on the other hand, you are curious about the work of the study, you can read our review of Summer in Mara and the interview we are conducting with its developers in 2020.

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