The Tokyo Games Show returns as a physical event this year

The Tokyo Games Show will return to celebrate this year 2022, this time it will return in its physical edition intended for publishers and the general public.

As always, the event will be held at the Makuhari Messe Convention Center, one of the largest in Japan. The Tokyo Games Show 2022 will begin on September 15 for press and businesses and September 17 for the general public. It will end on September 18.

This year’s theme and theme will be “Never Stop Playing”. It refers to how events related to video games disappeared during the pandemic years, but video games continued to be part of our daily lives and lived our days.

The organizer shared its benefits for “creating hope” and nurturing the possibilities of the game.

“We open the door to the first floor of video games. Bring excitement and enthusiasm to the world. Teach your love for games.”

In 2020, the Tokyo Games Show was celebrated virtually, and in 2021 it was a mix of virtual and physical events, but only for businesses. As this year returns to public fitness, there will also be an online broadcast and various events, such as demos that will be tested for a limited time.

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