The title of the principle character of “The Jojolands” (Part 9 of Jojo) and the title of the stand have been revealed! A surprising title got here up! ?

■ From Twitter

Jodio Joestar…
The impression of the title, which is a mixture of Jojo and Dio, is wonderful lol

Jodio!win by title

After all, in relation to Jojo and Dio, is Giorno’s revival concept scorching…?

Is it Giorno after one spherical?

From the title, the sensation of the ultimate chapter is wonderful

No, Giorno might be confirmed after yet one more spherical

title got here so

I am unable to cease being excited

Jodio! ? ?
Eh, Jojo or Dio, which one is your intention?

It’s a reputation that appears to have a deep setting, however I really feel prefer it ends with out something

Jojo and Dio lastly merged to the title lol

entrance…? Joe, Jodio, Joestar…? Dio? Do you will have audio parts? I’ve inherited the guts and D decorations… effectively, I already like that…

Jodio Joestar! ?
I’ll name you Jojo!

Jodio…that is it! ? Isn’t Jojo and Dio blended up!
On the opposite, I did not have that concept… In a Giorno sense, it is half 6 revival! ?

The stand can be cool, I ponder what sort of capability it has…
I am unable to look forward to this to be printed sooner or later…

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