The Teamfight Tactics bar loads for mobile in the competition

As we can read in Sensor towerthe mobile version of Teamfight tactics has been installed on 4.5 million units since its launch in the App Store and on Google Play on March 19 last year.

Teamfight Tactics has raised over $ 1.2 million to date

Riot Games’ Auto-Chess title beats its rivals by 3.6 times more installations in the first seven days included Dragonest’s Auto Chess: Originthe official mobile version of the first genre title, and 5.3 times more than Shake Rush, a friendlier competitor now belongs to Tencent, the parent company of Riot Games. Logically, the data corresponds to the same time period after their respective launches.

On the other hand, Dota Underlords for mobile, one of the biggest titles in the genre in the field of PC, was installed on 105,000 devices alone in the launch week after an early access period.

Other interesting data is that The United States was the largest market for Teamfight Tactics in its first weekrepresenting around 17% of all downloads. The United States was followed by South Korea, which represented 13%.

Teamfight tactics

There is no doubt that everything Riot Games gets is interrupted to success and expects the same from VALORANT, a competitive 5v5 tactical shooter that will be a direct rival of Overwatch and CS: GO. The closed beta takes place around April 7 for Europe, Canada, USA, Russia and Turkey. More information here.

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