The studio responsible for Loop Hero wants players to download their game via Torrent

Four Quarters, the independent studio responsible for Loop Hero, has urged gamers to download their game via Torrent due to economic sanctions against Russia.

In a post published on the Russian social network CVthe developers explain that some players cannot make payments on Steam, while Russian payments are already suspended in the Nintendo eShop.

In response to this, Four Quarters likes players who can’t purchase the game to “share the pirate flag”, and shared the link to a fairly popular torrent with itself.

Shortly after, after receiving donations, the study published another article stating that “there is nothing wrong with torrents”.

“We are very grateful for your support, but the truth is that everything is fine with us, send this support to your family and friends during this difficult time.”

It should be noted that Four Quarters already declared last week on social networks that it was “against the war”, before the Russian government began to take revenge on the inhabitants.

Following the sanctions imposed by the international community after the invasion of Ukraine, many video game companies have suspended the sale of their products in Russia. Among them are, for example, Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Epic or Electronic Arts.

Loop Hero was one of our favorite video games of 2021. In its review, we said it “is easy to understand, hard to master, and almost impossible to put down”, and that it offers “a unique playable experience”.

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