The Spanish government will provide 6.25 million euros in aid to the video game sector

Video games in Spain accounted for 617 million euros in 2016

After the country’s Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda suspended support for the video game industry on January 4, the Secretary of State for the Information Society and Digital Agenda went to work today. José María Lassallewhich announces one new line of assistance to the video game sector in Spain features 6.25 million euros. The news was supposed to be known during the presentation of the new edition of Blanko del Desarrollo Español de Videojuegos.

The ministry noted that the purpose of this guideline is “to promote the entrepreneurial development of entrepreneurs and young talents in the sector by providing effective mechanisms to execute simple, ambitious business plans and to improve international productivity and productivity.” The assistance is aimed at independent studies, PYMES or the self-employed, who have an invoice volume of up to two million euros and an age of at least six months.

If we take a look at the theme of the fourth edition of the Libro Blanco del Desarrollo Español de Videojuegos, if we take a look, we can see such interesting data, as the video game has become the main engine of global entertainment. According to data from consultant Newzoo, the global industry grew by 10.7% in 2017 and was able to generate $ 116,000 million globally, of which 87% is equivalent to digital business models. Today, there are 2,200 million players and players in the world – women representing 47% – of all ages. Of them, thousands (47%) spend money while playing. The global video game market will continue to grow at an annual rate of 8.2%, reaching $ 143.5 billion by 2020.

Other data to highlight at the local level, viz Spain borrowed 617 million euros in 201621% more than the year before, with a direct growth in employment of 20%, reaching 5,440 professionals in 2016. By 2020, this sector is expected to reach 1,440 million euros in invoicing.

ESports could not be missed, and with a global audience of 385.5 million people in 2017, growing at a rate of 20%, eSports continues to be set up as a promoter for a future bet. League of Legends or Dota 2, two reference video games in this sector, have already reached audiences at the biggest sporting events around the world in 2014.

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