The Spanish government reissues support for the video game industry

The Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda says aid has been suspended

On January 2, all the Spanish media repeated the news that El diario El Español (now Vandal’s big shareholder) published about the decision of Minister of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda, Álvaro Nadal, to complete a grant for small Spanish students. The support, which came from European funds, was estimated at around two million euros, and was projected to fund between 50% – 85% of the new creation study project with less than five employees, which would have received around 50,000 euros per year. Corporation. In the case of surveys with more than five employees, the figure rises to € 150,000.

Today, in a press release on its official website, the Spanish government lifted the suspension and ensured that the basis for the call for assistance is redesigned to ensure greater effectiveness of the instruments.

The Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda will continue in the first quarter of 2018 with a call for support for the video game sector, which from now on will be provided through the public entity

In that sense, the ministry rejects that this funding line will be suspended and as it has been published in the last few days in some communication medium.

Currently, the basis for the call for assistance is being redesigned to ensure greater efficiency of the instruments. For this, the next call will establish new mechanisms for supervision and control.

Through the State Secretariat for the Information Society and the Digital Agenda, the Ministry is part of the video game board formed on 15 December last year with the aim of arranging a meeting and exchange of reflections between the State General Administration, Autonomous Communities and the sector’s key agents.

With the invitation to help the video game sector, the Ministry of Digital Agenda embraces an entrepreneurial niche formed by highly qualified young talents, strategic, innovative and has the potential for export.


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