The Spaniards from Lince Works explain to us the creation of IP Aragami

Lince is working is a Barcelona video game development studio that sheds light on a distinctive French in the ninja-style genre. In this first development diary, the origins of Lince Works, the creation of Aragamiand the development for the development of Aragami 2.

Aragami 2 on its way to 2021

From its humble beginnings, the developers remember how they explored the idea of ​​starting the study, how it made the project a commercial title, the flaws and contracts under development, and the lessons learned from the experience. In this video, Lince Works explains the concept of the second title of the franchise, Aragami 2, its ambitions, and what it hopes to achieve in the sequel.

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Aragami 2, Lince Works

The first Aragami title by Lince Works was launched in 2016, a Tenchu-style sequel game that was able to revitalize the classic ninja genre by introducing unique game mechanics that resulted in slow and fast times for the players. With a light artistic style inspired by Japanese mythology and culture, Aragami placed the studio on the world panorama with a well-developed ninja-style game that would take the reins of the genre. Since its launch, Aragami has sold more than 600,000 copies worldwide on all platforms, a remarkable achievement for its first self-released title considering the size of the studio.

The Barcelona-based studio is working on the development of Aragami 2 with financial support from GameSeer, Media and ICEC. The game will launch in early 2021 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox X and PC.

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