The Slormancer – Poison Inner Fire Mistwalker Guide (Wrath 10 Viable Melee Build)

A simple guide to Niebla Trailers using 8 toxic internal fires.

Wrath 10 Viable Melee Build Guide

General description


  • See you soon.
  • Relative tank.
  • Potentially, it can be very dominated by the correct legends.
  • High potential for damage.
  • Good AoE for a body to body construction.


  • It depends on the legends to get the maximum return.
  • Avoid enemies at a distance, especially magicians.
  • The inner fire does not suck life, it never has to let go.
  • No increase in innate or passive speed of movement, MS team is needed to not feel slow.

Wrath 10 builds the game mainly with rarities and a few legends:


Primordial bow of large fur

  • Large escalation of gross damage.
  • The interior fire scales exclusively with gross damage and skill damage, this is probably the best dryer for this construction.

Basic abilities

Main ability


  • Maestría 1 – Beat with the sword
  • Maestría 2 – Maestro del Veneno
  • Dominion 3 – Worth the punishment
  • Master 4 – Multiplication and Conquest
  • Maestría 5 – Repeated exercises

It is used for major damage to a single lens and internal fires in progress.

Secondary ability

lluvia de flechas

  • Dominion 1 – Business Class
  • Maestría 2 – Hunting network
  • Maestría 3 – Disparo de andanada
  • Maestría 4 – Immovable
  • Teacher 5 – The flood intensifies

Basically, there is only one aoe line that absorbs all the mobs until the end so you can shoot body to body.



  • Maestría 1 – Smog hunter
  • Maestría 2 – Interior Hunter
  • Maestría 3 – Hadas powder
  • Maestría 4 – Precision by Niebla
  • Teacher 5 – Stronger than the number
  • Maestría 6 – The Master’s Resilience
  • Maestria 7 – Toxic fire
  • Dominio 8 – Potential toxins

So it’s like we’re getting our construction to do damage, inside fire harder, activate the veneer to dig and consume veneer to do 40% of the damage instantly and again to apply the veneer, use a damp curtain on us with 160 % more damage in our nearest punch, and we get 50% free critical damage and an aura effect of 40%.


70 Provision

  • This gives us +3 maximum internal fires for a total of 8 plus a number of useful and harmful defensive stats for the elite.
  • I also have over 3 points that do not earn much, the pongo on valentía.

Other collections of untested properties, feel free to experiment.

Ancestors’ inheritance

Shady ardiente

Extremely gross / critical damage potential to help with tank sick enemies.

Air conditioning

An aura that uses an attack speed multiplier of -63% on enemies with our free aura efficiency of 40%.

Prioritization of team statistics

Necessary statistics

  • Mana & Life Leech, one shot at a time, aims to achieve epic stats to release important magic / rare stats.
  • The probability of internal fire (of course) around 50% should be sufficient.
  • Probability of body-to-body relaxation, the supporter will receive a critical rating of 1% for each probability of body-to-body relaxation and has the probability of returning to launch as a function of 50% of its probability of relaxation. to reach at least 100% of the critics in the poll with their basic critique rating.
  • Will probably also have some speed of movement that we do not have anymore.

Offensive statistics

  • Critical assessment
  • Attack speed
  • Critical damage
  • Serious damage (FLAT)
  • Damage to the elite

Defensive stats

  • Maximum life,% y plan, allows more than 10,000 lives
  • Elite damage reduction
  • Increase the aura effect if you have an insoluble belt protector

Sailor statistics

Domain statistics

  • +2 Punch in total
  • You can use domain levels to fill the screen with humidity / shower heads until they are high enough without them.

Attribute statistics


There are some really crazy legends for this construction, if they have, it is highly recommended to use them.

Inseparable screens (belt)

This thing makes you a tank for any enemy in the body for body rank, we have 40% more aura effect than our specialization, making it the most powerful.

Garra de Shaera (gloves)

Speak for yourself.

The conquest of Gazloka (ring)

Several internal fires that could possibly allow us to leave the provision or go with everyone and have 13 internal fires.

how 2 play

things about bridges

  • Attack the enemies with flaming arrows.
  • Use dark shadows and mud curtains to polish your rein and destroy the elite.
  • A damp curtain to return inaccessible for a few seconds is needed.

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